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Tag by :icondatdoughnut: :v

1. Who are you in a relationship with?
:icondatdoughnut: :^ <3

2. The date you got together?
21st May 2015

3. Where/how did you meet?
Well she note me on dA and ask a skype request,so i talk her much and do jokes,we became best friends and then now we are couples :^

4. What did you think the first time you saw him/her?
She is very nice and i like to talk to her x3

5. Who is the morning person?
i guess me :v

6. Whose temper is worse?
idk ;3;

7. Who eats more?

8. Who asked who?
me >3>

9. Whose hair is longer?
she has the longer hair >V>

10. Describe his/her personality?
She is wonderful,i love watching her drawings and call for her x3

11. His/her best feature?
shes weird just like me =p

12. Who's older?
me =3=
13. Whose feet are bigger?

14. Nicknames?
Mr Pudding Butt,Oliwoo B)

15. What do you have in common?
Jokes,Games Any B^)

16. How much is he/she on your mind?
Many many many :^ <3
17. Have you ever dreamed about him/her?
Tak B^)

18. Do you want to be together forever?
Yusssssh \x3/

19. Have you ever had a fight?
Just arguing

20. How long have you been together?
1 year and 1 month 

21. Have you dated this person before?
no ;3;

22. Do you think he/she will fill out this quiz as well?
She already do the quiz so B^)

23. How far apart is your age?
6 years

24. Favorite memory?
Meeting her in the dream =w=

25. If you were too look him/her right in the face right now what would you wanna say?
Surprise? B^)

You have a:
[] Boyfriend
[x] Girlfriend 

Mushy stuff: [Distance sucks]
[] Hugged 
[] Held hands
[/] Kissed [fake kisses through skype/pictures/emoticons]
[] Been on at least one date 
[x] Told your BF/GF you love him/her 
[x] Did something special on their birthday/your anniversary/any celebrated holiday.
[] Shared drinks/food
[x] You have a special song. [a wat song? :v]
[x] You like cuddling 
[] You like making physical contact [never had :/ ]
[] You've been lifted or carried 
[x] Been given a nickname by your BF/GF
[] Your BF/GF likes to play with your hair.
[x] You would do anything to make your BF/GF happy. 

[x] Have many things in common 
[x] Been together for at least a year
[] Been together for at least six months
[] Broke up then got back together once or multiple times
[/] Your friends get along with your BF/GF [not all]
[x] You were friends before getting together
[] Gone to a party with your BF/GF 
[] Gone to a party and got drunk with your BF/GF
[] Gone to a party, got drunk, and had sex with BF/GF
[/] Your attitude and/or behavior has changed since you two met
[x] You feel happy/sad if your BF/GF is 

[] Got together with your BF/GF out of pity or other stupid reasons. 
[] Cheated 
[] Liked someone else while dating your BF/GF
[] Changed yourself to impress your BF/GF.
[x] Kept secrets 
[] Lied
[] Didn't tell your BF/GF something that would affect them mentally/emotionally
[x] You don't think you're good enough for your BF/GF
[x] You can say almost anything to your BF/GF 

[] Cried with your BF/GF around 
[ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°] Seen your BF/GF naked/somewhat naked [yes]
[] Thrown up on your BF/GF
[] Farted with your BF/GF around [wtf]
[] You've mistaken someone else as your BF/GF, AFTER you did something affectionate with that person 
[/] Your BF/GF makes you blush 
[x] Your BF/GF calls you cute [sometimes]
[x] Your BF/GF does things that no one else has done to you 
[x] Your BF/GF has seen a side of you no one else has. [my naked side  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° lol (oliwia wuut B^) )]

Some Questions!

1. Are you straight, bisexual, homosexual, etc.? 

2. How old are you guys?
Im 19 and shes 14 (hnng im about to turn 20 ;v;)

3. How did you two meet?

4. How long do you plan on staying together? Thought about marriage? Kids?
Well if its good,it will be forever planning about married is idk kids should be one 

5. What do you like most about your BF/GF?
Jokes and butts B^)

6. When did you realize you liked your BF/GF?
talking to her and makes jokes xd

7. What kind of hairstyle would you give your BF/GF? 
hmm i guess like my long hair xd ( is it that kind of hair oliwoo? xd )

8. Is there something you find weird about your BF/GF?
nu? xd

9. If you could change anything about your BF/GF, what would you change?

10. Do you really love your BF/GF?
I do Heart 
wellppp done with tags but i love you :icondatdoughnut: <3


Making New Artstyle by S-catterChu
Making New Artstyle
well i think that my old artstyle was not very good so im trying to making it new and change,what do you think?if its same just tell me what should i change =3=
Edit: I can colour the line now~!
Edit 2: Remove the black eye line below cuz looks weird on the eye


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Sarawakian Malay Language Level-Expert by otakumilitia USA Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design:Polish language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuyPendulum Stamp by smileystamps
:icons-catterchu::icondatdoughnut: I love u oliwia~ :heart:
( together since 21 may 2015)

Hello~! My name is Hakimie or you can call me scatter!I draw ponies and my art is really bad and so does my english,but i would love to improve it so dont be afraid to talk to me,im a nice person~! ^v^

My butt

Malaysia Friend
:iconivelvetpie: :icondannykay4561:



:iconskypeplz: hakimie.alek


Have a funny gif by :icondatdoughnut: xD :heart:


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